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NovaPoint Real Estate stands for trust, quality and reliability.

Are you considering buying a house in Turkey? As an investment or as your own holiday home or just a place to retreat and regain new energy? NovaPoint Real Estate passionately helps foreign clients find their dream house in Alanya! We are specialised in the sale and purchase of apartments, penthouses and villas. Trust, reliability and a creative way of thinking characterise our real estate firm.

The personal approach of NovaPoint Real Estate

We are a qualified and registered estate agency that will always get you the best deal. We have more than 15 years of experience in Turkish real estate. With this experience, we aim to give you a carefree feeling. We distinguish ourselves by our personal yet professional approach. You have one contact person, who will ensure a flawless completion of your purchase. From the start of your search to handing over the keys. We always strive for the best service. Do not hesitate to reach out for any needs or questions you may have after purchase as NovaPoint Real Estate is here for you!


NovaPoint Real Estate takes away the worries

There is a great chance you have been considering a holiday home or an investment in real estate abroad for a while, but haven’t taken the plunge yet. We understand that the distance, language and other legislature present obstacles for foreign buyers. Who can I trust? How does it all work? What is the best location to purchase a house and how much rent can I charge? And how about taxes? All legitimate questions. You will surely have even more.

The NovaPoint Real Estate team finds pleasure in taking away insecurities, answering questions, and, above all, helping you take the next step in your life. We listen to your questions and find the need behind the wish, so we can make the right match.

We are very motivated to make the entire purchase or sales process as transparent, honest and problem-free as possible. And, very important, a deal is a deal!

NovaPoint Real Estate Agency is locally established

NovaPoint Real Estate Agency is located in Alanya. This beautiful region is also the area in which we operate. The locality of our real estate business is why we know the area very well and have been able to build solid relationships there. This way, we can bring you into contact with notaries and other legal agencies of which we are certain are reliable and good. Furthermore, we only work with certified, registered building companies. Exactly as you may expect from a renowned and respected professional. logo
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