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The ambitious team of NovaPoint Real Estate sets the bar high when it comes to the service we provide. But quality also matters greatly to us. We always strive for the best and are especially proud that our customers experience that too. Many of our relations return to us when their purchased house needs to be sold again or when they are looking for a new house. Don’t just take our word for it. We would much rather our customers tell you!

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Our apartment has been sold recently, exceeding our expectations. We very much like to provide a review.   From the very beginning, Novapoint has carefully listened to our wishlist and has been very clear in its response to our needs and wishes, and in addition, on all formalities and realism associated with the sale of our apartment.What we saw was a personal guidance, a precise follow-up and sorting out all specific issues relating to our apartment with the objective to exceed the expectations of both the seller and the buyer in the strictest unbiased sense of the word.Novapoint has more than met its business principles and values, stated on the website. They have the acumen, the factual knowledge and a vast experience of the Turkish property business to ensure a reliable, trustworthy and satisfying fulfillment of your sale.We thank Jolanda and Willy for their warm hospitality and a fantastic overall experience and we wholeheartedly recommend them to any prospective seller and buyer. We wish you the very best and a great future.


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