Frequently asked questions

1. About buying a property in Turkey logo
  • 1.1 Why should I buy a house in Turkey?
  • 1.2 Am I welcome as a foreigner in Turkey?
  • 1.3 Can I buy a property in Turkey?
  • 1.4 How does the transfer of ownership work?
  • 1.5 What should I look out for when I buy a house in Turkey?
  • 1.6 Can my children inherit the house in Turkey?
  • 1.7 Can I also rent out my house?

2. Travel documents, residence and work permit, car logo
  • 2.1 Do I need a visa or special travel documents to visit Turkey?
  • 2.2 What do I have to do if I want to stay in Turkey longer than 180 days a year?
  • 2.3 Can I buy a car in Turkey or bring one?
  • 2.4 Can I work in Turkey?

3. Money matters logo
  • 3.1 How do I gain access to electricity and water connection?
  • 3.2 What are the additional costs if I buy a property in Turkey?
  • 3.3 Can I open a bank account in Turkey?
  • 3.4 Can I continue to receive my benefit or pension in Turkey?
  • 3.5 Do I have to pay taxes in the Netherlands over the value of my house in Turkey?

Living in Turkey logo
  • 4.1 Where is the Dutch consulate or embassy located?
  • 4.2 What is the climate like in and around Alanya?
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