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What is HES Code? What does it do? How to get?

We started the normalization process about the coronavirus outbreak, which has been affecting the whole world for a long time. The Ministry of Health has declared mobilization to maintain important measures to combat the epidemic. Hayat Eve Sığar (HES) application was created to minimize the risks we may encounter in daily life within the framework of controlled social life. Besides the different features of the application, to be able to travel it is also imperative to get a HES code through the application. So, what is the HES code, what does it do and how is it taken?

What is the HES code?

The HES code is a mandatory application by the Ministry of Health under coronavirus measures for you to travel safely domestically. Even if you travel by train, bus, plane or private vehicle, you need to get a HES code. In case of travelling only by train, bus or plane, the HES code you received should be shared with the travel company. In this way, travel companies will be able to check whether there is an obstacle about your participation in the trip by interrogating through the services of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey.

What does the HES code do?

The purpose of the HES code is to minimize the risks that may arise during the fight against coronavirus. People who have been exposed to COVID-19 disease can be prevented from participating in public transportation through this application. The application will be expanded in areas such as workplaces, clinics, institutional visits. Thus, it will be possible to share and contribute to the follow-up of the epidemic, whether citizens are at risk of coronavirus on travel, institutional visits and in public spaces.

How to get HES code?

You can get the HES code;

• Through the Hayat Eve Sığar mobile application,

• Via E-Government,

• By sending an SMS to the 2023 short number.

For this:

• Type "HES" and leave a space; then respectively type your Identity Number, the last 4 digits of TC Identity Serial No and the sharing time (number of days). Finally, send SMS to 2023.

• The people whose ID number starts with 97, 98, 99; You can type HES and leave a space, then type Identity Number, year of birth and sharing time (number of days). Finally, send SMS to 2023. 

• You can also get the HES code via this link:

Things to consider about HES code

We answered the question of what is the HES code, what does it do and how to get it. Besides, there are some points of attention to the subject as it is a new application in our lives. It is possible to list them as follows:

• The duration of the HES code should be the total duration of your trip. In other words, this period should include the dates you will travel and return (round-trip date) and the time between these dates.

• A separate HES code must be obtained for each travelling guest. HES code is not required for 0-2 years old.

• If you are going to travel with a travel company, you must share this code with them. Your HES code will be asked periodically by the company. Your travel will be blocked if a situation that prevents you from travelling in terms of coronavirus.

• Travel companies will restrict your journey in case of being COVID-19 positive or being in quarantine, not having a HES code and submitting an incorrect identity number.

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